A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

In the near future, all snag cooking enterprises have been outlawed by the tyrannical Hot-Dog Corp. You have taken it upon yourself to give the people what they want and have sent your trusty raft and handy drone into the middle of international waters, the only place in the world where you can safely cook snags.

Word quickly spreads of your enterprise and people start to flock their drones to your location, desperate for a taste of the illegal but beautiful snags.

All was going well for many days but somehow, Hot-Dog Corp caught wind of your little international waters snag cooking gig. They have started to send out their own security drones to track and shut you down. But you have learned their search routines and know what windows of time you can cook in.

You must keep your customers happy and your snags cooking, but keep and eye on your clock because when it goes off you're going to have to get out of there.

This is a very early build and is VERY work in progress. please don't bully us.


Contraband Snags_ Windows.zip 24 MB
Contraband Snags_Linux.zip 45 MB
Contraband Snags_Mac.zip 28 MB


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This game was quite difficult however it was a lot of fun!:D

We just realized that we never shared our video of the game!!  Oops, here it is :) 

We just did a video on this game, however we could not get the cooler lid to stay open, once we opened it with the hand, it immediately closed... We love the art style, and the concept tho :)